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Projects handled by INDOBREW in multidisciplinary roles for following Alcoholic beverage industries (Brewery, IMFL Bottling plants, Winery, Cidery, Alcopop/Ready To Drink RTD based alcoholic beverages & Distillery)  in different capacity are mentioned here

1. Turnkey project setup (Greenfield and Equipment/technical consultation).

2. Recipe/Blend formulation: Starting from NPD (New Product Development) to Pilot scale batches, followed by Commercial trial runs (For Packaged alcoholic beverages- Bottles/Cans).

3. Financial & CAPEX consultation with ROI and Gestation period details in association with client's in house Chartered accountant.

4. Plant Layout: As per respective state government norms and keeping in mind technical feasibility and efficiency in association with client's in house Architect or Civil contractor. Details of infrastructure pertaining to Manufacturing, Storage & Inventory, Office, Roads, Parking, Utilities, Laboratories, etc.

5. Equipment configuration: Design, Fabrication and Commissioning 

6. Laboratory setup: Comprehensive laboratory setup with all equipment, apparatus, chemicals, reagents, etc. Type of laboratories include- RM & PM Analytical labs, Process labs, Microbiological labs, Shelf life room, Bottling labs, Sensory analysis room, etc.

7. Process & Manufacturing SOP along with quality parameter break down as per GMP & HACCP.

8. Comprehensive Vendor development for all Equipment, Raw materials (RM), Packaging materials (PM), Ancillary materials for operations, Utilities, etc.

9. Skilled and experienced human resource hiring for essential plant operation and non essential services.

10. Trial and training post plant setup.

11. Guidance in Legal/Excise/Government regulations (Available for specific states).

12. Guidance in Branding/PR & Marketing setup.

13. Provision of technically flexible equipment with scope of expansion for increased manufacturing volume or cater to multiple alcoholic beverage portfolios.

14. Provision of White labelling/Contract manufacturing/Franchisee bottling/Job work for Commercially packaged Beer and IMFL products for Pan- India sale & distribution.

15. Operations contract- Recurring brewing services, beer monitoring and QC services, Inventory management and excise stock keeping for Craft breweries/brewpubs/microbreweries.

16. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)- Regular monitoring, repair and maintenance services for all equipment pertaining to beer manufacturing (Craft brewery/Microbrewery/Brewpub).

INDOBREW takes up limited number of projects (5-7 only) based on close scrutiny of magnitude of project, feasibility and future outlook of client for the brand. As per protocol INDOBREW recognizes prospective client based on their project blueprint and provides transparent communication to let the client understand the details of services provided, terms, duration of setup, nature of products and remuneration.

At present INDOBREW is handling projects for following nature of products:

A. BEER (With Packaging Bottles/Cans)

i. Commercial lager (Strong, Mild & super strong)

ii. Craft Beer styles (Wheat beer, IPA, Ales etc)

B. IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) bottling plant

i. General IMFL- Whiskey, Rum & Vodka for all standard SKUs.

ii. IMFL/ENA based alcoholic RTD beverages in Cans & Bottles

C. Specialized alcoholic beverage products- Ciders, Seltzers, Fruit wine, etc 

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